Maker and Son natural materials, Mattress and Topper.

What Makes a Mattress Comfortable?

OCT 08, 2021

Drifting into relaxed slumber is one of life’s great joys, but what makes a mattress genuinely comfortable?

We understand that sleep is profoundly personal and that the right mattress can make all the difference to a well-rested mind and body. As a result, achieving a good night’s sleep has become the focus of both scientists and homeowners. Quality sleep affects our energy, well-being, and emotional outlook, and in turn, how your bedroom looks, feels, and comforts can significantly improve your rest.

How you relax in bed is incredibly important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable from the moment you lie down to sleep to when you open your eyes again. So that’s why we’ve designed what we believe is the most comfortable bed in the world – where every aspect is considered from our sumptuous headboard and supportive back pillows to our natural mattress, all handmade to create the perfect conditions for total relaxation.

What makes a 100% natural mattress?

Maker and Son natural materials, Mattress and Topper infographic detailing each layer.

When it comes to your rest, every detail counts to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

A premium mattress has several layers which work in unison to provide both performance and comfort. For example, underneath our handwoven wool ticking is 15 layers of premium 100% natural fillings, including Egyptian cotton, British wool, mohair, and silk. Their comforting qualities are further enhanced by 16,000 cleverly pocketed springs to provide you with ultimate support. Steel springs, required for support, are cushioned and protected by this cotton/wool/hemp, ensuring that they last longer.
When it comes to your comfort, each one of these layers works together to ensure your entire body rests how it should.

How to test out a 100% natural luxury mattress?

When you are lying down, you are looking for three points of contact to consider. Firstly, you want the pillow to support the neck and the mattress to come into your back’s lower part and support you. And if it’s just right, you want to catch in the knees. Finally, the mattress needs to contour around the body and supports your movement during sleep.

Choosing the right firmness

Although you don’t want something too firm, you essentially don’t want something too soft either. It needs to be just, right. So if it is too firm, you’ll find it’s pushing your hips upwards. And you’ll find that there’s a bit of a gap in your lower back. And if it’s too soft, you’ll feel like you’re in a hammock; your feet will come up higher than your head. So essentially, you want to be as neutral as possible, like standing up straight, but you’re laying it down.

Maker and Son natural materials, Mattress and Topper.

How to know when a mattress is “just right”?

When you’re lying on your side, the pillow will meet your neck, and the mattress will come into your side, and finally, it will cradle the knee. So you want to be as neutral as possible, just like a straight line, and your mattress needs to be almost as unbiased as possible.

Finding the proper comfort for your body

Comfort is individual and how you like to sleep is personal. The right mattress can make all the difference to a well-rested mind and body. We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, and in turn, our skilled craftsmen and women spend hundreds of hours carefully hand sewing, side-stitching, and tufting every mattress.

How to ensure a mattress feels “just right”?

When it comes down to making the tension softer and firmer, the largest springs in the middle of a mattress make the difference. The thicker the wire, the firmer the spring and, alternatively, the thinner the wire, the softer the springs will feel when pushed down or compressed.

Finally, all the layers are hand-stitched together, which enhances the product’s lifespan and ensures you have full use of your bed’s sleeping surface.

What mattress is most comfortable for different seasons?

Designed to keep you comfortable all year round, our handmade mattress features two unique sides: during summertime, you can relax on a top layer of cooling linen. When the temperature drops, turn the bed over to its winter side and enjoy a cosy top layer made from cashmere.

So why do we love getting into bed?

Each mattress is filled with layers of the most luxurious and sustainable materials. When it comes to a comfortable sleep, 100% natural fillings also allow the mattress and topper to breathe.

Sunstone beige, Song pillow edge bed by Maker and Son.