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Sustainable & Natural Comfort

We use only the finest natural and sustainable materials, including 15 luxurious layers of premium natural fillings such as British wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, mohair, and silk, and they are handcrafted in a carbon-neutral factory with a peaceful rest in mind. The wool we use is fully traceable, and the linen and hemp are grown in the UK, where these crops help promote British wildlife and biodiversity.

Embracing the "farm to bedroom" philosophy, you can sleep soundly knowing our mattress and topper are chemical-free, foam-free, glue-free, and fully recyclable to ensure that no part of your mattress ends up in a landfill. Unlike some mattress brands that use synthetic memory foam, we only use sustainable materials, so you can sleep on top of a breathable bed.


Traditionally Crafted Mattresses

We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, and in turn, our skilled craftspeople spend hours carefully hand sewing, side-stitching, and tufting every single natural mattress that we make.

And we know that comfort is highly personal, which is why our bespoke mattresses come in a range of sizes and firmness, so that they feel “just right”. You can order a truly unique mattress in a size that suits you


Innovative clever springs adapt to your sleep style

Sleep is personal and the right mattress can make a world of difference to your rest. It’s taken over two years to develop our innovative clever support system made up of 16,000 clever springs. This technology moves with your body as you sleep, offering responsive performance just where you need it.

Our mattresses can also be customised with various firmness ratings to suit your sleeping style. This includes split tension to accommodate different sleep styles, soft on the right, firm on the left, or vice-versa. Unfortunately, this option is only available for king-size and larger beds.


Support and warmth in perfect harmony all year round

It may seem a little excessive to make a mattress with 15 layers of premium natural filling and thousands of springs; however, when it comes to your comfort, each one of these layers works together to ensure your entire body rests how it should.

Designed to make you comfortable all year round, our natural mattress and topper work in perfect harmony and offer a choice of summer and winter sides. The summer “side” features linen as the top layer to keep you cool during the hotter months. Turn the mattress over to the winter “side” when the temperature drops and enjoy a top layer of cosy cashmere.