Welcome to the most comfortable chairs in the world

"We designed them for our family"

"We're from a big family and there's nothing we love more than to be snuggled up together.

We wanted to create furniture for our home that would be as comfy as nestling in to a bed of pillows and that would still cope with the practicalities of everyday life....So we did!

All our furniture is handmade from 100% natural materials and will last for a lifetime. All our covers are loose and easy to clean and change.

We sell direct - we don't have retail stores, so instead of spending money on running expensive stores, we are able to produce to an exceptionally high quality. If these pieces were sold in a retail store, they would cost at least 60% more than they do here.

We can make bespoke sizes and can help you decide on what's right for your home with our space planning service and with advice on colours and fabrics.

We're a family run business with a dedicated team of wonderful people who are all completely committed to delivering your perfect furniture. So if you're interested in learning more, just click on the Contact link and fill in some details and we'll be in touch really soon"  - Alex and Felix

"I totally LOVE my Sofa" - Sophie

Try one at home for free!

We have a beautifully fitted out mobile showroom that we can bring to outside your home. 

Yes, it really is true, we have specially created this wonderfully cosy space inside our brand new luxury van. We bring you an armchair and a footstool so you can try them out for yourself so you can see quite how comfortable they really are!

We have all our fabric samples on board as well and are happy to help you with colour selection as well as planning your space to see what will fit best.

There is no charge for this service. Right now we operate mainly within about 2.5 hours drive of London. If you're further away, do get in touch, we do make trips outside this area.


The sounds people make when they sit in our armchair for the first time

Honestly, there's nothing we like more than seeing and hearing the reaction to someone sitting in one of our chairs or sofas for the first time. So many 'ooohhhhs' and 'ahhhhhs'  which are usually followed by, 'can you just leave me here...'

We've taken our time to get every detail perfect and a lifetime of developing furniture to reach the point where we felt ready to create this wonderful range. Each piece is hand made in the UK using only 100% natural materials by a team of craftsmen that have been making luxury sofas and armchairs for over 40 years.