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FABRIC SWATCHES Our luxuriously soft covers are available in a wide range of stunning colours. Click to order your FREE fabric samples today!
Proudly Introducing hero

Hello Hero!

We are ecstatic to introduce you to Hero, our newest range of furniture. Made from 100% natural materials that are vegan-friendly, Hero's distinctive quilted covers complete the perfect combination of ingenuity, softness and support.

Comfort without compromise

Handmade using entirely natural materials, our frames are built with traditional craftsmanship and care, and together with individually coiled spring bases, are designed to support you brilliantly throughout your lifetime. Pair with Hero's quilted covers or Song's heavenly cushions in the fabric and colour of your dreams, and get ready to sink into absolute comfort.


Gather your favourite people, and dive in. Extraordinary comfort built to last a lifetime.


Handmade to perfection, our natural chairs combine craftsmanship, quality and style.


The perfect place to cuddle up close with a loved one or indulge in total relaxation alone.


Cosy, natural and space-saving, our corner sofas are designed to combine comfort and style.


100% Natural

Choose from Linen/Cotton, Corduroy, Velvet, or our exclusive and much-loved 100% Linen

“...pursuing the creation of a perfect, life-lasting product”
Proudly Introducing HERO

Vegan Friendly

One of the qualities of the Hero range that make it even more special, is that it's made without any animal-based products, so it's suitable for our vegan friends. Entirely natural and made without animal products is a truly wonderful (and pretty unique) combination.

Proudly Introducing HERO

Quilted Covers

Quilting makes our distinctive Hero covers beautiful inside and out, but also makes changing the look easier than ever.


Designed to last a lifetime

Our furniture is 100% natural and handmade to order by a family run business that has been making high end furniture for over 30 years, using materials and techniques that ensure our furniture will last a lifetime. Our sofas have hardwood frames, fully sprung bases and unique cushion construction. Comfort without compromise!


Change of cover

All of our furniture comes with loose covers. They are so simple to take off and replace. So, you can pop them off for a quick clean, or keep a spare set ready for a different look and feel.


Try before you buy

To sit in our chairs is to experience a level of comfort that is hard to describe – the best way for you to understand just how good it feels is to experience it for yourself. We don't have traditional showrooms so we have come up with a different way for you to experience our chairs…. our lovely Mobile Showrooms. Find out more


Any sofa, any size

We are happy to make our furniture to any size with our Bespoke Design service. From a quick change of height to elaborate, modular or uniquely personal... all pieces are crafted in collaboration with you. Find out more


Alex and Felix

We started Maker&Son with a simple dream - to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives and that will last forever. Maker&Son is a family run business with a dedicated team of wonderful people who are all completely committed to delivering your perfect furniture.