About Us

The Maker&Son brand was started with a simple dream – to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives, forever. As our teams and locations evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to this dream.


Maker&Son is a designer of Luxury and extraordinarily comfortable sofas that are handmade locally using natural materials. We are best known for producing ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Sofas’.


Our approach to furniture design is immersive. Our intention is to provide a space to experience a level of comfort and peaceful mindfulness that you may otherwise find difficult to access.


Maker&Son started as a family-founded business by a Father and Son duo in West Sussex UK. They had a simple idea to design sustainable, peaceful, and honest furniture that truly put comfort first.


We are a friendly, hard-working team focused on growing a luxury furniture brand. We run our global marketing from a centralised team in the UK with Sales and Operations run by selected License partners around the Globe.


What we do, who we are

Founded in 2018, Maker&Son is a designer of Luxury and extraordinarily comfortable sofas and furniture that are handmade locally using natural materials. Home to an iconic collection of distinctive and stylish furniture, Maker&Son is best known for producing ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Sofas’. 

Helping bring people and families together and shape the way we enjoy our living spaces, each of our products has been lovingly handcrafted to last a lifetime. We understand and respect the impact that materials can have and how we use them to make our furniture. And so, our products are both physically and ethically comfortable, meaning you can sit on one of our sofas knowing that your physical comfort hasn’t caused problems for people or the planet. 

However, our ultimate aim is to create something more permanent than simply a space to sit. We want to provide you with something that nurtures and supports you every day and plays host to all the many moments that happen spontaneously in our lives.

Steven C.
Mar. 2020

Best furniture ever! We cannot thank you enough for your incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In your resting moments, when you’re sharing time with the people you love, or just living the every day. Without pressure or limitation, we celebrate those special every day moments, the milestones of growing up and growing old together, and creating memories that last a lifetime, together. And this is why we create furniture for the home that is as comfy as nestling in to a bed of pillows and yet still able to cope with the practicalities of everyday life.

…With all of this in mind, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is full of fun… and we are rather good at having fun, too!


Why shop Maker&Son?

Our approach to furniture design is immersive and experiential. When we use our senses to see, hear, touch, smell, or taste it prompts an emotional and sometimes physical response. Our intention is to provide a space for you to explore these senses and help you to experience a level of comfort and peaceful mindfulness that you may otherwise find difficult to access. 

From the first moment you begin your Maker&Son journey with us, you are taken on a path of discovery. Whether it’s testing out our chairs in a showroom or during a home visit in one of our wonderful Mobile Showrooms, you can experience the nurturing warmth and total, deep, relaxation. (Yes, they really are THAT comfy!). Perhaps you will even choose to use one of our highly-rated complimentary premium services to design your perfect sofa with a member of the team or through our website. By owning a piece of Maker&Son furniture you are making a sustainable choice that will reward you with many years of comfort and joy. 

Fully configurable, you can choose the style, fabric, colour and cushions for your sofa or chair, or even choose to create your own work of art with bespoke materials and adaptations.

We use the same base for all our sofas and chairs in the classic collection, with cushion styles available in Song, Marnie, or Otter. In addition, our Orlando modular collection provides a more contemporary style. 

Each of the covers are fully removable and for the 100% Italian Linen and Cotton fabrics – Machine Washable, too. Our luxurious velvet fabrics require an additional level of care so are dry-clean only, but also fully removable. Our customers love that they can update their interior style whenever they choose by simply changing their covers but still get to enjoy the same superior level of quality and comfort.  

Alison M.
Oct. 2019

What an exceptional company ethic you have. Fabulous service, fabulous product.

  • Luxury-grade products that do not harm people or the planet  
  • Made by hand by highly skilled craftspeople using natural materials 
  • 30-year guarantee on our hardwood frames  
  • Removable and washable covers and fully customisable options 
  • Complimentary premium services  
  • Flexible delivery options, including a premium White Glove Delivery service 
  • Regular interior and lifestyle inspiration 

We believe that there are people like us in the world who do not want to make compromises – physically or ethically – on the quality of products for their home. We design and make each of our pieces by hand, using traditional methods by the finest local craftspeople. 

Our business partners near and far are an important part of our family, and we are conscious of the expertise that they bring. This is in the individual and collective knowledge of their craft, but also in their ability to bring to life our vision in ways that are sustainable and meaningful to the customers that we serve locally in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 


Our Name

Maker&Son started as a family-founded business with a simple idea to design sustainable, peaceful, and honest furniture that truly put comfort first – for both body and mind.  

A Father and Son duo – The ‘Maker’ and the ‘Son’ – happened upon the same idea: To pursue the creation of perfect, life-lasting products that did not cost the planet. With a heritage entrenched in British furniture design; they launched Maker&Son in February 2018 from their home in Sussex with a shared vision of creating furniture that would last at least one lifetime. 

“When we started Maker&Son, we decided to do what we loved doing, in the way we felt it should be done, with no compromise on the quality of any part of the product. For us, making things entirely from natural materials seemed an obvious choice. So too did the idea of making the process of buying a piece of luxury furniture be as enjoyable and effortless as possible.” 

Millie. P
Dec. 2019

The entire Maker & Son team are super friendly and helpful. We went to visit them and ‘experience’ the product beforehand and they were so welcoming.

Having grown expeditiously across the world and expanding the range from chairs and sofas to beds, hardwood furniture, and accessories, came into new ownership in 2022 and continues with the same mission and unrivalled quality collections of furniture, made using natural materials, in the same way, with the same thoughtful design and loving attention to detail. 

The luxury brand continues to enable its customers to shop consciously and comfortably, with our core focus on sustainability, quality, and comfort.