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Care Guide

We are delighted that you have chosen to purchase from Maker&Son. Thank you for investing in our furniture. We set out to create beautiful things that make a positive difference to people’s lives and that will last a lifetime. Each piece is designed to be as comfortable as possible and is handmade to order by skilled craftsmen in our workshops. Because our furniture is entirely natural, made from ethically and sustainably sourced materials, with no plastics or polyurethane foams, you can enjoy it knowing it will not have any detrimental effect on the environment. This care guide has been designed to help you keep your furniture in the best condition possible, ensuring you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Put quite simply, accidents happen, and the sofa sitting at the centre of the family room is bound to face a fair few. Serving as a place to relax, unwind and perhaps (unintentionally) spill that glass of wine on! Trust us, we’ve all been there.
Rest assured all of our sofas are made with removable, washable covers. Offering an easy stain solution and damage protection for all. Allowing you, your friends and family to truly unwind without any of the added stain fear factor.

Whatever fabric you opt for, from our beloved linen options to plush, elegant velvets, explore our handy guide to keeping your Maker and Son sofa in optimal condition throughout the years. Afterall, you only live once and a stained sofa is not worth any of the additional stress!
*We recommend cleaning monthly (at the very minimum) to ensure your Maker and Son sofa stays at it’s finest.

Keeping it clean:

It’s simple to keep your furniture looking great. Regular cleaning with a light brush, or even a light vacuum, will keep it looking fresh and dust-free. If you accidentally spill something on your furniture, blot it immediately with a clean, dry cloth, making sure you do not rub it in or use abrasive cleaners as this will likely make the stain worse. Always ensure that the cloth that you are using does not have any detergents on it from previous use. Many surface cleaners have bleach in them and this will permanently stain your fabric.

General use:

If you share your furniture with your pets, remember to clean loose covers regularly to keep them looking great. Avoid sitting on the edge of your seat as it can weaken the front edge of the spring unit. The arms of your sofa aren’t designed to carry an adult’s body weight, so instead of sitting on them, use them for resting arms, legs and heads. Sharp objects like belt buckles, toys or rings can tear your fabric. Environment If your sofa is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, for example in a conservatory or by a sunny window, the colour of your fabric may fade or deteriorate. Keeping your furniture against a radiator may have the same effect, so please allow for a bit of space between the two. Putting your sofa too close to an open fire can also damage your fabric.

Your Fabric:

Every fabric in our collection has its own unique qualities and composition. Please refer to the label on your covers or refer to the guidelines below on how to care for your specific fabric. You will also find information on fabric care on the ‘Our Fabrics’ page on our website.

Cleaning your loose covers:

We’ve designed our furniture to be practical as well as beautiful. Please check which fabric type you have purchased prior to cleaning your covers to ensure it is treated correctly. Our Linen/Cotton and Corduroy covers are machine washable whereas our Cotton Velvet is dry clean only. When it comes to cleaning your covers, please clean all of the covers at the same time; this will avoid any colour variation if cleaned separately.


All of our Linen/Cotton fabrics have been washed and pre-shrunk prior to fitting onto our furniture. These can be machine washed at 30 degrees but please use a gentle washing detergent (such as Ecover) and spin on a SLOW speed. Be careful not to overload your washing machine, which can sometimes cause damage to covers. When drying them, please hang or tumble dry on a COOL or DELICATE setting. Our Linen/Cotton fabric is sold with a relaxed, ‘tumbled/ softened’ appearance and is not ‘flat’. If you wish to iron them please do so on a low setting. This is optional - should you prefer a more tailored look. If in doubt, take them to be professionally cleaned. Do not use any bleach, cleaning agents or regular washing detergents as they often contain optical brighteners that may lighten or change the colour of your fabric.


All of our Corduroy fabrics have been washed and preshrunk prior to fitting onto our furniture. As with our Linen/ Cotton covers, they can be washed at 30 degrees but please use a gentle washing detergent (such as Ecover) and spin on a SLOW speed. Be careful not to overload your washing machine, which can sometimes cause damage to covers. When drying them, please hang (do not tumble dry). Iron inside out or with a cloth on top of the fabric on a low setting. If in doubt, take them to be professionally cleaned (any solvent can be used except trichloroethylene). Do not use any bleach, cleaning agents or any regular washing detergents as they often contain optical brighteners that may lighten or change the colour of your fabric.


Cotton Velvet is a beautiful but delicate fabric, the pile can easily be disturbed, but with careful handling and a proper understanding of its nature, products made from Velvet can be enjoyed for many years. Velvet is not particularly pet or family-friendly - getting it wet can permanently damage its appearance and stains are difficult to remove. If you do spill anything onto our Velvets, blot dry with a clean cloth and ensure that no detergents come into contact with the fabric. All our Velvets are recommended Dry Clean Only, to maintain the appearance of the pile. Velvet can flatten naturally over time but this won’t have a detrimental effect on the wear of the fabric. It can be minimised by brushing against the pile. Please take extra care when handling and storing Velvet. It is sensitive to pressure which can crush the pile. If the pile does become crushed, the angle of the pile alters, which may result in areas of the fabric appearing lighter or darker in shade. This pressure marking can easily be mistaken for uneven dyeing. Newly made Velvet products usually need time to condition in the atmosphere after unpacking. During this time the pile will relax and lift, improving the richness and the lustre of the Velvet. If any pressure marking continues to persist, a light steaming or gentle brushing in the direction of the pile will help.


There’s a chance that some of our fabrics may crease, especially our Linen/Cotton and our Corduroy. It’s not a manufacturing fault but a natural result of the fabric’s composition. It will not affect the wearing qualities of your furniture.

Fitting your covers:

All of our furniture has removable covers, attached to the frame with some very cleverly positioned buttons. Our covers are designed to fit perfectly over the frame, so when you’re putting them back in place ensure they are pulled and tucked in so that the fabric is taut in all directions. If you need further instructions, or are having difficulty redressing your sofa, give our friendly customer care team a call and they will happily talk you through the process. You can also view a video on how to change your covers on our website.


Use a damp cloth rinsed in warm water to clean the wooden legs of your furniture. Do not use detergent on them, but you may wish to polish them occasionally with a natural wax. Consider using coasters under the legs to minimise any marking on your floor. If you have ordered legs with casters consider using floor protection caps.


We’re very proud of the sustainably sourced hardwood frames we use in all our sofas, beds and armchairs; they are locally made using a screw and dowel construction. Their quality and durability is second to none, and we’re so confident of this, we guarantee them for 30 years.


All of our seat cushions are made with 100% natural latex and a mix of goose down and duck feathers. If you should spill something on your seat cushions, please remove the latex core from the centre and take them to be professionally dry cleaned. All our cushions are packed full of feathers and down so need to be plumped up regularly to help maintain their shape and comfort. We recommend turning/flipping over and plumping the cushions regularly to maintain optimal look and comfort. All types of cushions should also be turned regularly to even out wear and fading.

If you do have any further questions about caring for your furniture, please get in touch with our team of experts at contact@makerandson.com or give us a call on the number listed on your local website and we’ll be happy to help you.

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