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Skye Gyngell, Fee Greening, Lonika Chande and Lucy Williams in their home with Makerandson

At home with Skye Gyngell, Lucy Williams, Fee Greening and Lonika Chande

Take a glimpse into the stylish homes of some of our very talented friends and customers who have put their unique stamp onto our furniture

We've long admired the incredible flair and talent of Skye Gyngell, Lucy Williams, Fee Greening, and Lonika Chande and have always been more than a little curious about how they live at home.

Each of them has forged a unique path that pushes creative boundaries in their demanding careers, but we wondered if their home lives were equally as creative or simply a personal place to relax. 

Sometimes nothing feels more important than the story of our homes and how we tell them through our use of materials, colours, textures, and contents. So when the opportunity arose to visit their homes, we couldn't resist capturing their world through the lens of celebrated photographer Claire Menary with an invitation to add their twist on our Maker&Son range.

The results are wonderfully colourful. We couldn't be more excited to share these four diverse tastemakers’ choices of style and colour and capture how seamlessly it blends with their interiors.

Skye Gyngell

Skye Gyngell in her home with Makerandson

Known for her talent in the kitchen and behind the business of some of London’s most revered restaurants, Skye Gyngell is the Michelin star winning chef at Petersham Nurseries and, since 2014, her Spring Restaurant in Somerset House. 

Inside Skye's home, our Little Otter Armchair and its accompanying Little Otter Footstools are found alongside her library of books and are enviably placed next to her kitchen. We can only imagine the joy of snuggling into our Otter Armchair as the incredible smells come wafting out of Skye's kitchen. We love how the colours joyously pop, and fell in love with Skye’s unique contrasting combinations. Our much-loved Plaster (pink) velvet beautifully stands out with Paprika velvet contrast piping.

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams in her Makerandson armchair

One of our favourite things is when incredible women share their style, so it's hardly surprising that we're firm fans of Lucy Williams' home. This much-loved British fashion and travel influencer brings a welcome dose of effortless style to all her projects.

Lucy’s fashion background and innate style is evident in all that she does, and her blog and social posts always boost the morale. We couldn’t have been happier when she chose our furniture for her new home. It’s so much fun to watch her journey and see how she brings her own look to our style too.

Playing centre stage is our Marnie Love Seat in Bronzite 100% Linen with striking Selenite contrast piping (wait until you see the other set of covers she has chosen…). True to Lucy's effortless style, this combination reflects her love of layering vintage, art, and future heirlooms without trying too hard.

Fee Greening
Fee Greening in her malachite Maker&Son sofa
Fee Greening entwines the past with the future with her dip pen and ink illustrations. Taking inspiration from Medieval, Gothic, and Flemish Art, her work consistently delights and has led to inspiring projects with Gucci, Saved NY, and Liberty London.

This talented illustrator has a rather magical touch, especially when it comes to transforming her current rental, a Dorset cottage, into a menagerie of art, textiles, and wall hangings. So naturally, Maker&Son wanted to be part of her cottage's reinvention into a thriving creative home Fee shares with her partner, guitarist, and producer Dan White.

It's wonderful to know that Fee loves her comfort, and this is reflected in her choice of our Marnie Sofa in Malachite 100% Linen contrast piped with Bronzite 100% Linen.

"We're both drawn to rich but natural colours; olives, golds, and rusty terracottas," shares Fee about her choice in colours and fabrics for the Marnie sofa. "Most things we own tend to be in this sludgy colour palette."

Days are spent relaxing with rescue dog Willie enjoying their little part of the world humming with creativity, music, and collaborations.

"In our living room especially, there are a lot of framed moths and murky William Blake prints, so I wanted to choose a colour combination within this colour realm so the sofa would feel timeless, naturally slotting into our home for years; to come."

"I focused on colour combinations we see in nature; the final choice of Bronzite trim on the muted Malachite green reminds me of bright ochre lichen on a damp mossy tree. Our home is very informal, and I love how despite being new, the sofa feels casual and welcoming for all our friends, dogs included, to pile onto. It's like it has always been here."

Lonika Chande
Lonika Chande in her Marnie Love Seat by Maker&Son
Colour and cosiness don't always go hand-in-hand, but they make an eclectic impact under the creative eye of interior designer Lonika Chande. Truly full of boundless creativity, Lonika brings fresh energy and possibility to all of her projects.

We're thrilled that her signature mix of materials, colour, pattern, and texture spilled over into our Marnie Love Seat. Lonika chose to upholster it in Ruby, 100% Linen completed by piping in Amazonite, 100% Linen. The result is a visual feast while also offering a hub of comfort.

"I naturally gravitate towards earthy colours, and so like a homing pigeon, I was immediately drawn to the warmth of the ruby linen!" enthuses Lonika about her unique choice. "I love the Amazonite used here as a contrast pipe on the Marnie and the clash of the two primary colours - it's playful and a little bit unexpected."


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