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Marnie sitting on a 4 seater green sofa in Malachite Linen by Maker&Son
5 green sofa ideas for your living room

Inspiring tranquillity and a sense of renewal, green has become the colour du jour for those seeking to create a serene haven. Its connection to nature spans from deep forest greens to the sage countryside and cool seaside cyan. Both versatile and sumptuous, green sofas in particular are being embraced as the ideal anchor to team with vintage, antiques and mixing art, sculpture and architectural forms.

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6 stylish tips to decorate a living room with pink
6 stylish tips to decorate a living room with pink

Discover why, when it comes to your living room, pink's enduring appeal lies in its versatility and charm. Whilst pink was once reserved for fleeting, statement moments this versatile shade is now considered a classic and creates a practical and exciting base to your living room.

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How to zone your home with a natural rug
How to zone your home with a natural rug

Enhance your interior's comfort and style with Sophie Conran's helpful tips on zoning with a timeless rug. Discover why according to her a beautiful natural rug is a fascinating and practical way to transform any room in your home.

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Home tour of Felix Conran's London flat, designer and co-founder of Maker&Son furniture
At home with Felix Conran in his London flat

Take a tour of Felix Conran's art-fuelled flat and discover his colourful approach to domestic bliss. Set in East London, this former photographer's studio has being reinvented as a comfortable haven featuring Maker&Son furniture and plenty of art.

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Marni lies wrapped up in a cream cashmere woven throw by Maker&Son
10 tips on how to style a throw

Wonderfully comforting and warm, woven throws make the perfect home accessory, but how best to style them? 

Nearly every home can benefit from such a beautiful keepsake, but displaying one is another matter. Discover our 10 expert tips on styling a cashmere throw to suit your home's mood and look.

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