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About Us

We started Maker&Son with a simple dream - to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives, forever. Our teams and our locations have grown, yet we remain steadfast in our commitment to this dream.


Natural Comfort

When we started Maker&Son, we decided to do what we loved doing, in the way we felt it should be done, with no compromise on the quality of any part of the product. For us, making things entirely from natural materials seemed an obvious choice. So too did the idea of making the process of buying a piece of luxury furniture be as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

Our products are both physically and ethically comfortable: you can sit on one of our sofas knowing that your physical comfort hasn’t caused problems for people or the planet.

Steven C.
Mar. 2020

Best furniture ever! We cannot thank you enough for your incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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We continue to believe that there are people like us in the world, looking for truly comfortable furniture made from only natural materials. We design and make each of our pieces by hand, using traditional methods by the finest local craftspeople.


From our Family

We are a family business, and we make products that bring families together, that help celebrate the milestones of growing up and growing old together.

We are fortunate to run a business from our home, surrounded by a dedicated team of wonderful people who are all completely committed to delivering your perfect furniture. Our business partners near and far are an important part of our family, and we are conscious of the expertise that they bring, both in the individual and collective knowledge of their craft, but also the ability to bring to life our vision in ways that are sustainable and meaningful to the customers that we serve locally in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Alison M.
Oct. 2019

What an exceptional company ethic you have. Fabulous service, fabulous product.

We’re from a big family and we wish to create furniture for our home that is as comfy as nestling in to a bed of pillows and yet still cope with the practicalities of everyday life.


Hello from Alex & Felix

As founders, Alex Willcock and Felix Conran have much more in common than being father and son. A gifted musician, Alex trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer who’s curiosity led him to start his career path in Australia, where he met Felix’s mother. Growing up with his sister Coco, and a family entrenched in design, they learned to appreciate the aesthetics, but also the intrigue and philosophy. Being the third generation of the Conran family to work in the field, Felix has always been encouraged to shape and ground his natural intuitiveness, and is proud to carry on a tradition of pioneering products for the home.

Understanding why objects appeal to us and the way they are made is a way of family life and business.

Millie. P
Dec. 2019

Alex and the entire Maker & Son team are super friendly and helpful. We went to visit them and 'experience' the product beforehand and they were so welcoming.

When it comes to working together, Alex and Felix decided to pursue the creation of perfect, life-lasting products. They intrinsically share a belief that there is no other way to consider the future than to make products that will last at least one lifetime.


Join our Work Family

We are a friendly, hard-working team who are busy building one of the world’s fastest growing luxury furniture brands. We’re creating 100% natural furniture that our customers love, and we work from a beautiful house surrounded by Sussex countryside, yet only 40 minutes from London Victoria or 25 mins to Brighton. From our home base, we run our global marketing, operations and UK sales teams. We also have teams across Australia, New Zealand and the US.

We continuously improve our business model to ensure that it is genuinely innovative and disruptive. We have the greatest of respect for our customers, our partners and the environment.

Millie. P
Dec. 2019

Alex and the entire Maker & Son team are super friendly and helpful. We went to visit them and 'experience' the product beforehand and they were so welcoming.

We are always interested to meet enthusiastic individuals with a passion for beautiful furniture, design and the experience of working with wonderful customers and the drive to help build a business.

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