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The Craft Behind The Sofa Cushion

The Craft Behind The Sofa Cushion

A humble, modest and sometimes overlooked aspect of furniture design, the cushion contributes much more to the overall feel and comfort of your sofa than you might think. Here at Maker&Son, we’ve worked hard on the designs of our sofa cushions, from studying the shape and discovering the optimal measurements, to finding a supportive, malleable filling, every aspect is considered in our cushion-making process.

It may be stating the obvious, but home comforts are extremely important to us and we strive to design furniture that you and the whole family can enjoy with ease. A recent survey highlights the key needs of people in the UK to feel at their most comfortable and relaxed in their home. Here sofas are listed at number four (out of fifty!), just below their bed, a proper night’s sleep and home-cooked meals. So it appears finding the most comfortable sofa is of optimum importance to you too! At Maker&Son our cushions are designed and crafted to provide support for you and your loved ones, finished with an unbelievable feeling of cosy comfort, ideal for long winter weekends indoors. You can simply relax, sink back and enjoy a good film or book.

Let us explain what makes our sofa cushions so special and therefore our furniture the comfiest. Our cushions are constructed in a style that is unique to us. All of our seat and back cushions contain two ‘duvets’ (believe us when we say they are as soft and cosy as any premium bedding), which are filled with a mixture of ethically sourced feathers and down, fully accredited by the International Down and Feather Bureau. Between these ‘duvets’ sits a natural latex core - we’ve used this to help our cushions keep their shape, which means they require less maintenance, in other words, less plumping over time!

We care about each aspect of our furniture, including the environmental impact of every design decision we make. We chose down and feathers not only for their oh-so-soft appeal but as a conscious choice to reject traditional cushion fillings, offering as they do a more sustainable option than the usual plastic, foam and manufactured fillings created for this purpose. We chose to use products that already exist for our fillings, rather than unnecessarily creating more, and since down and feather products are derived from nature they are environmentally sensitive and biodegradable.

For certain sensitivities and allergies, we also provide the option to fill your cushions with natural wool or natural latex, as an alternative to feathers and down. We are more than happy to work with you to create the comfiest sofa possible, designed exactly to your requirements.

In the past month, we have also added a new cushion style to our collection - the formal cushion. Offering more of a classic look, this style is available with all of our designs, simply get in touch with our team, who can tell you more...