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A sofa built to last a lifetime

A sofa built to last a lifetime

We understand when browsing for a sofa there are a variety of factors to be considered. From quality and price to materials and craftsmanship, these deciding factors combined can influence (and sway) the final decision. Which is why, even in the humble beginnings of Maker&Son, we set out to design and workshop not only the comfiest sofa in the world but one to last a whole lifetime. Ensuring the best monetary value alongside the finest design, all crafted from superior materials. Life is full of decisions, why add another into the mix?

On average we should change our sofa every 7-15 years according to the experts at Elle Decoration….. that’s a good amount of sofas and furniture decisions within a full lifetime!

Hasten to say we disagree slightly with this, as all of our designs carry a 30-year guarantee, and we can assure you that a Maker&Son sofa is a key investment for you and yours, as a sofa should be...

The craft aspect

True craft outlives us all. Rather than a factory line of copies or a flatpack design with its throwaway ease, each Maker&Son sofa is handmade to order by our small, expert team. Following traditional techniques, our sofas take skill and time. They all begin as hardwood, solid beech frames, sustainably sourced, expertly jointed and screwed together - providing the ideal backbone to everyday life. Every base we then create is handmade, with every spring individually placed by hand (that’s 70 coils in a sofa and 40 in an armchair). Our artisans have been making high-end furniture for over 30 years and we know that the best designs are worth waiting for, using materials and techniques that we have honed and developed, from refined wood to pure durable cotton. For us, it takes roughly one to two days to make a sofa frame and three hours or more to make an arm.

We work alongside you when building your order, developing your authentic Maker&Son piece, using our expert knowledge and technical skills, resulting in a durable design that everyone can enjoy. Each piece is an example of true workmanship, designed with longevity in mind; made to see you through birthdays, graduations and weddings, as family and friendships grow.

High quality, long-lasting materials

The materials we use are always 100% natural, we don’t use cheap alternatives such as plastics, polyurethane foams, velcro or staples. Easy to maintain, (we have washable and replaceable covers for any of life’s spills and thrills), choose from light and robust linen, for a relaxed feel, classic corduroy or luxurious velvet to add character to any room. Simply clean or change the covers as you wish to prolong the lifespan of our fabrics: straightforward and easy, it only takes 20 minutes to change all the covers on a Song Sofa.

After a period of time if you change your room decor, re-invigorate the sofa too. With a range of colours, you can change the look of your room by simply buying a second set of covers instead of having to replace your furniture entirely. We truly believe a Maker&Son sofa is an investment, and like any safe long-term investment, it will keep paying dividends for many years to come.