How to Spring Clean Your Home Room by Room

MARCH 18, 2022

How can you spruce up your home with a modern approach to Spring cleaning? Read our tips for making the most of your space, from organisation to sustainability and individual style.

The arrival of longer days and warmer weather set the scene for refreshing your home. So, in honour of the approaching spring, why not rejuvenate each room with our uplifting ideas?

Spring cleaning has a new set of rules and if you’re planning a home refresh, consider repurposing rather than tossing away what you currently have. Follow this room-by-room guide with our top five cleaning ideas.


There are many ways you can make your kitchen more organised and inspiring this spring. Kitchens are the most functional space in the house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect your style. Because we spend so much time in our kitchens, it’s essential to take a fresh approach to decluttering.

Firstly, a proper kitchen spring clean does involve sorting through unused appliances and making the most of storage jars to organise your pantry and refrigerator.

Once the initial clean up has happened, explore how to add more personal style with the objects that you own, says Rebecca Skelton, Maker&Son’s Lead Designer of Textiles & Homewares.

“I treat my kitchen like a gallery! I’ve built up a unique collection of plates, bowls, and glassware, so I have arranged my open shelves to present my favourite pieces that I’ve collected over the years.”

Rather than hiding away your best porcelain, Rebecca advises casually displaying your precious objects. “I think this adds personality to a space typically treated as functional over beautiful. Maybe this is something to consider in a spring refresh for the kitchen.”

At Kemps House, the ultimate sustainable spring clean occurred when Alex Willcock, founder of Maker & Son, applied his incredible cabinetry skills to reinvent the family kitchen. He constructed a striking storage cabinet from repurposed Georgian shutters and reused these beautiful materials to functional ends.

Styling Tip: When it comes to a spring refresh in your kitchen, pay attention to the finer details and how small changes can have a significant impact. To update and transform your kitchen cupboards, change the handles and embrace the movement of painting over what you already have. Spring cleaning is not about stripping away; it’s about taking a new look and approach to your home.


Spring is the ideal time to give your bedroom a facelift with simple updates. Firstly, change the bedsheets to something lighter, brighter, or something more fun. Don’t be afraid to add more feel-good layers, says Rebecca.

“An easy and inexpensive way to freshen up the bedroom would be a simple switch around of bed linen or soft furnishings. Then, as the colder weather subsides, instead of dressing the bed with woollen throws, mix and match shades of stonewashed linen in tonal shades, leafy greens and yellows, or combine pink terracotta and apricot.”

Styling Tip: The challenge of bedrooms is to create an ambience of total relaxation while still integrating functionality. Make use of storage because no one feels calm with clutter. Instant improvements include clever storage solutions, from a footstool with inbuilt drawers to introducing a contemporary take on traditional furniture such as a tallboy.


Spring is not simply about clearing out but realigning with how we want our home to feel. The living room, in particular, brings into focus our desire for order, calm and serenity.

“We often associate spring with decluttering and clearing out,” shares Rebecca. “However, I believe that reorganising or repurposing existing items is a more practical and less wasteful approach to take during this time of year.”

Clever furniture and storage solutions create more room for relaxing, reading in a comfortable nook, or working from home. If you can make storage look almost like a piece of art, it can be beautiful, functional, and unique,” says Rebecca.

“Rethinking what you use for storage, such as repurposing patterned boxes, candle holders, and so on, is a sustainable way to refresh the way you organise your home and add that personal touch.”

Styling Tip: Rearranging your art in a living room can completely change the space. For a total spring update, add a new rug to soften the space texturally and create lightness from the floor up. Equally changing sofa covers is a simple way to update your scheme adding freshness and colour.


Bathrooms have evolved from peaceful spa-like sanctuaries to channelling the comforts and style of our living rooms. Soft and cosy furnishings such as rugs, curtains, and chairs have made their way into the bathroom. So if you’re tempted by introducing more living room comfort into your bathroom, why not take the plunge this spring?

At Kemps House, characterful details have made all the difference in counterbalancing the coldness of porcelain tiles and bathtub. Antique finds, including a wall clock, charming paintings, fresh flowers, ambient-enhancing candles, and a joyful splash of Farrow & Ball’s Nancy’s Blushes, have transformed this traditional country house bathroom into an inviting spring haven.

Styling Tip: Clean your bathroom thoroughly, including removing limescale from your shower curtain, cleaning all hardware, and wiping the bath. We like to avoid harsh chemicals on our tub and tiles and instead use a classic natural cleaning formula of baking soda and white vinegar. After completing the first cleaning, it’s time to add warmth and character to your bathroom. Consider aesthetic touches like vintage mirrors, wooden shelves, soft shades, and more artwork.


Our favourite chairs and sofas have become like family members. We want them to be stylish, comfortable, and hospitable. Thanks to a renewed focus on sustainability and organics, gentler cleansing methods are making a comeback.

Classic fabric brushes are a simple answer for routine furniture upkeep. We all know how valuable our furniture is, and having the correct specialised brushes on hand can help. Consider using a technical fabric brush before spraying and wiping furiously. They’re gentler techniques to get rid of crumbs and grime from the fabric and between the sofa cushions.

Styling Tip: While severe stains require professional attention, moderate brushing will help keep your sofas and chairs looking good for a long time. Fortunately, there are several organically created brushes, especially handcrafted ones, and brushes for specialised fabrics like velvet, linen, and wool. Handmade brushes are the ideal artisan cleaning products that are both beautiful and long-lasting.