Small dog bed in Granite grey cotton linen by Maker&Son.

Jump Into Our Gorgeous New Dog Beds With All Four Paws

AUG 27, 2021

We believe we’ve made the most comfortable dog bed in the world…

Never far from our hearts, we could no longer ignore the absolute comfort of our favourite four-legged friends.

Handmade with love in the UK and inspired by our chief test, Rosie, our new Dog Bed comes with the same unbelievable comfort as all of our furniture. Our precious pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so to ensure our Dog Bed feels genuinely comfortable, we hosted the ultimate trial with all the beloved dogs of our Maker&Son team. It soon turned into a launch like no other when twelve of our beautiful four-legged friends joined us at Kemps House to celebrate and get down to the business of comfort-testing. From Bucky, the cheeky Shih Tzu to Rosie, the majestic rescued Golden Retriever, and poetic Apollo, amongst many others, all gave their paw of approval for our handmade and stylish pet bed designed to coordinate effortlessly with their family’s Maker&Son Sofas. Each dog happily curled up on our plump and cosy base mattress. The overwhelming verdict was that it feels wonderfully comfortable sitting amongst the supportive side and back cushions – all made from 100% feather filling.

Like so many family homes, everyone at Kemps House experienced a year of working from home, where part of our home/office ritual includes hosting Zoom meetings with our dogs right beside us. Our pets are indeed part of our family, and we felt that they, too, deserve to experience absolute comfort.

Large dog bed in Celestine blue linen by Maker&Son.

Despite all the different breeds, shapes and sizes at our launch event, all owners unanimously agreed that their beloved dogs loved the new bed design. It is super practical, too, with washable covers and clever cushion liners that protect the feather filling. Perfect for owners who want a dog bed to match their home decor, our new furniture fit seamlessly into our customers’ homes with an inspiring choice of customised details from colours to pillow edges.

Rosie the Golden Retriever on a large dog bed in Malachite green linen by Maker and Son.