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Hero Sofa - Customer's Product with price 3295.00

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Alex and the entire Maker & Son team are super friendly and helpful. We went to visit them and 'experience' the product beforehand and they were so welcoming

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Our Hero Range

Endowed with great strength and a beautiful simplicity, there is nothing ordinary about our Hero Range, created to be the perfect combination of softness and support. As with all of our Maker&Son furniture, this level of cosy comfort is one that many have never experienced before - and of course, the whole range is made from entirely natural materials. One of the qualities of this range that make it even more special, is that it's made without any animal-based products, so it's suitable for our vegan friends. Natural and made without animal products is a truly wonderful (and pretty unique) combination. What's more, Hero comes with the most amazing quilted covers to layer on top for even more comfort. The covers are not only strikingly unique, but they are really super easy to change.


Changing Covers is so easy

Hero's quilted loose covers help keep your furniture looking beautiful for years - no matter what your family, guests or pets throw at it. It’s so simple and cost-effective to update the look, with the seasons or whenever you want a change. We designed them to be really easy to take off and replace - it should literally take you a few minutes to change the covers on a Hero Sofa. So, why not melt into Velvet for winter and float on Linen/Cotton for summer...


What's in a name?

Maker&Son are a family company, and home and family are a constant source of inspiration for us. Hero, quite simply, is the name of our Founder Alex’s youngest son and Song is the name of Alex’s youngest daughter. Often heroes go unnoticed by the vast majority of people, and this absence of notoriety is intrinsic to true heroism. That setting aside of one’s own well-being for the good of others. We know that a hero is often endowed with great strength or ability. Someone who - in the opinion of others - has special abilities or qualities that are deemed ideal, noble, virtuous even. The most heroic are often quite unassuming, doing seemingly ordinary things, often in an extraordinary way, for a greater humane purpose. Such is the case for our Hero Range of chairs and sofas. The word Hero is loaded with a lot of meaning. To us, Hero is a wonderful, smiley, happy boy.


Our Quilted Covers

Typically found on beds and bedding, both quilts and quilting resonate with nostalgic connotations that are not only beautiful, but often artistic, and relaxing. Our Hero quilted covers are inspired by the wish to find harmony in comfort, beauty and timeless design. Some call it wadding, some call it batting, but we call it the most unbelievable all natural, soft, washable filling that is a combination of hemp, flax and cotton. These work together to create a cosy cover that neither shrinks nor retains water, and stays plump without compressing or felting. When we combine this billowy and breathable mid-weight feel with the beautiful colours and texture of our natural Linen/Cotton or Velvet fabrics, we are rewarded with all the intrinsic goodness of Hero. Of course, all of our covers are removable and washable, (our Velvets must be dry-cleaned) so you can change the look and feel of your furniture with ease. Quilting makes our covers beautiful inside and out, but also makes changing the look easier than ever (at last count, Marnie could change the cover of a Hero armchair in less than a minute).


Friendly for Vegans

We are deeply committed to making all our furniture from natural materials in a sustainable way, and this a constant for us. We are also very aware that there is a growing demand for furniture that is made without any animal products. There are many vegan products available, but very, very few (if any) that are vegan and completely natural. It’s been quite a challenge, as the easy way to make vegan products is to use a lot of plastic and foams. For us, making our solid, supportive entirely natural bases animal product free is a matter of course. Yet, achieving absolute comfort physically and naturally is a real challenge when you remove the possibility of feathers and down. The development of our Hero range encouraged us to trial new combinations for their contribution to comfort. We allowed the materials themselves to heavily influence the overall aesthetic as well as construction, and the result is comfort that is unique to our Hero base and quilted cover combination. A coconut-based cellulose envelopes collections of pocket springs placed throughout the base, back and arms to provide a uniquely dreamy sit. Our bespoke blend of hemp, flax and cotton held in harmony by a very special binding fibre made from cornstarch, makes our quilted covers invitingly plush. When you add that all together, cushions become a beautiful accessory rather than a necessity for comfort.


On the rare occasion

We are always happy to help, and that includes when it comes to returning goods. If you are not satisfied with your Maker&Son piece(s), it is our policy to happily accept their return within 14 days of receipt. We hope you understand, however, that we are not able to accept returns of any bespoke or custom made products. Please refer to section 6 of our Terms and Conditions, where our Returns Policy is provided in detail. Please send all queries by email on