Fabric Samples
At Maker&Son, we integrate a strong sustainable ethos into all our products, using eco-friendly and natural materials in our products.

Our Sustainable Story

We are passionately aware of the link between how things are made, the materials used and the impact on the people and communities who make them. Choosing sustainable sources, and using natural materials wherever possible throughout our design process, is as important to us as respecting the tradition of craft and supporting family-run, local businesses.

Locally Made with Love

Local craftsmanship is intrinsic to our values. Our upholstered furniture is made locally in each region where we operate, keeping our emissions from distribution as low as possible. Made from environmentally friendly and natural materials - unlike other furniture manufacturers - we never use synthetic foam, fibres or plastics.

Sustainable Quality Products

We consider the materials, where they are sourced, but also lifespan... We work with local partners whenever possible, balancing with our shared values in longevity and craftsmanship against overall sourcing needs. Higher quality products are more sustainable as they don’t need replacing as often. As an example, we look to Europe for our fabrics, where family-run mills have been weaving for over 90 years.

Natural Fabrics

We always make with respect to the environment and look to industry standard certifications to ensure that our materials do not cause harm. By ensuring that the crops that make our products are grown in a sustainable way and then harvested and milled with no unnecessary waste.

For example, our linens are made from flax in Europe, which has the ideal climate for growing flax. The whole of a flax plant can be used, and requires no additional water - which means no unnecessary waste. Our Brushed Cotton Linen is produced in an OEKO-TEX 100 certified mill. This is a standard that certifies every part of the production process and component has been tested for harmful substances.

Farm-to-Bedroom Ethos

We use wool as a key material in all our mattresses and toppers. It is more eco-friendly than oil-based synthetics, which contributes to global pollution. Produced organically, wool is an environmentally positive fibre that thermo-regulates, is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable.

Our traceable wool is derived locally from sheep raised on farms near to our workshops, from breeds such as Texel, Mule, Suffolk, and Zwartbles. We love wool as it enables us to create comfortable, beautiful products made with agricultural biodiversity at the heart.

The REV Podcast, or "REV On Air," is celebrated for communicating inspiring messages about sustainable living and ethical business. Alex and Felix were recently invited to talk with its host Cora Hilts. In their conversation, they touch upon the risks of unsustainable furniture, the methods of sourcing sustainable materials, and choosing furniture for future generations. In addition, they give an insightful look into their journey of founding Maker & Son and the process of integrating sustainability into every element of their business.