Luxurious Velvet Footstool

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There's really nothing that can quite prepare you for the first time you sit back in your Song armchair and put your feet up on the Song footstool... think of gently lowering yourself into a nest of delicious down filled pillows and you'll begin to understand what awaits you! Honestly, it's the most heavenly comfortable experience...

For us, comfort is much more than making something soft. Comfort embodies the feeling we all deserve when we're home; comfortable to be in, comfortable to live with, comfortable to just be. 

do you Need help with your dimensions :-))

We know what it can be like to try and work out sizes so if you'd like any help with working through things do give us a call on 08000 246 100 or message us by clicking on the Messenger link at the bottom right of this page. You can also send us an email 

you should hear some of the sounds people make when they sit in one of our chairs for the first time!

Honestly, there's nothing we like more than seeing and hearing the reaction to someone sitting in one of our chairs or sofas for the first time. So many 'ooohhhhs' and 'ahhhhhs' which are usually followed by, 'can you just leave me here...'

We've really taken our time to get every detail perfect and a lifetime of developing furniture to reach the point where we felt ready to create this wonderful range.

Each piece is hand made in the UK using only 100% natural materials by a team that have been making luxury sofas and armchairs for over 40 years. Each piece is built on a hand made frame using English Beech,  a very durable hardwood, that has traditionally been used in upholstery for its stability and strength. 

Apart from setting out to create the most comfortable chairs and sofas in the world we wanted to create a range that we could be proud to say was made without foam or similar man-made materials.

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