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Maker&Son Limited Editions with Jennifer Morris

Coming soon, an exclusive range for Maker&Son created by Hampstead-based ceramicist Jennifer Morris - The first in a series of exciting limited-edition handmade objects by independent artists and artisans.

"You can never make the exact same piece twice, and that's the magic." - Jennifer Morris

For Maker&Son, Jennifer has created an exclusive range of unique platters, jugs and bowls contrasting a bare clay exterior with a glazed interior. The celebrated artist’s hand-thrown stoneware is enhanced by a beautifully muted colour palette, highlighting the inherent beauty in this most natural of materials. Jennifer’s interest in the poetic beauty of the seemingly utilitarian comes from her love of the Japanese wabi sabi philosophy, which aims for asymmetry, simplicity, unpretentiousness and modesty.

Our homes tell the story of who we are, and in turn, we hope the beautiful objects from our Limited Editions series inspire new stories within yours.

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