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Maker&Son Manhattan Showhome

Two Years and Counting

Maker&Son came from a simple dream – to make beautiful furniture that would make a positive difference to people’s lives and would last forever. In February 2018, when we took the decision to start the business, we were working on the belief that there were people like us in the world, looking for truly comfortable furniture made from only natural materials.

Two years on, it turns out that belief was well founded. It’s been an extraordinary journey – with plenty of twists and turns along the way; and here we are in 2020 with a fast-growing business in the UK and Australia and launching in New York City…. We have just opened our first US Showhome in Manhattan and we’re loving the response we’re getting from our American customers.

Why does Maker&Son seem to resonate well with so many people across three continents? Well, it’s pretty simple really… It is very hard to find a genuinely comfortable sofa.

We hear this a lot from our lovely customers – often they have been searching for years for a sofa that feels as good as it looks. We have built our furniture to be as comfortable as it can possibly be – no compromise. When people sit in our furniture, they are able to relax in a way that they rarely do in their day to day lives both physically and mentally. It’s this that genuinely makes a positive difference to our customers. And it’s this that sets us apart.

The furniture industry is a bit broken.

Ever cheaper furniture, designed to be replaced as quickly as design trends change, is often full of plastic and almost always ends up in landfill. Increasingly customers are looking for something different from homeware businesses. There are very few of us making completely natural furniture that will last.

When we designed our first range of furniture we made it to work in our family home, full of kids, dogs and muddy shoes – so loose covers were a must. Our covers can be taken off and cleaned so our sofas and chairs stay looking lovely for longer. And our customers can relax and enjoy their furniture without stressing over spills, stains or scuffs.

Whilst none of this is rocket science it does seem to be hitting a chord with a lot of people, including the discerning folk at Vogue who have chosen to feature us on their homepage. We are thrilled about what they had to say about Maker&Son making Britain's comfiest couches, and we can’t wait to see what else 2020 has in store for us…