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THE TIMES newspaper calls Maker&Son Mobile Showrooms ‘ingenious’

THE TIMES newspaper calls Maker&Son Mobile Showrooms ‘ingenious’

Finding new ways of selling isn’t (or wasn’t) just a response to Coronavirus and social distancing, but we’re pleased that The Times chose to highlight Maker&Son’s approach to customer experience. In articles on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th 2020, the Times article shared how homeware retailers across the UK are finding new ways of selling - from face coverings to virtual showroom tours to virtual consultations - the industry reacted positively and it appears many of these new methods are being welcomed by consumers.

In fact, Maker&Son’s ‘ingenious mobile-van showrooms’ on wheels have been on the road since we launched in the UK in February 2018. Actually, our Mobile Showrooms were around even before launch. The idea came about as founders Alex and Felix were developing furniture for our Song range, and found that the most effective way to explain how the most comfortable furniture in the world feels to customers was to let them experience it for themselves.

So, they put a Song Armchair in the back of a van, and the rest is history.

Maker&Son Mobile Showrooms do more than just transport furniture to customers’ homes - they provide the opportunity to see, feel and sink into an Armchair or Love Seat and Footstool without having to leave home. This has always been a convenient and customer-focussed way to experience our furniture, but now, in the new world of social distancing, it seems that this approach suits customers more than ever. Of course, Mobile Showrooms are cleaned before and between all visits, and since all Maker&Son furniture is made with removable covers, the covers are also changed in between visits.