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The Hygge concept

The Hygge concept

Here at Maker&Son, we are huge fans of beautiful craft and design. There is nothing that we admire more than the furniture produced by, and the original concepts of, Scandinavian designers. They serve as a constant inspiration to us throughout our process, from our first sketches to how we envision our sofas in your home. In fact, we’re such huge fans, we’ve recently discussed our most admired scandi designs here.

Today, we are exploring the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’). A term that has garnered attention in the past couple of years for its interior design credentials, recognisable living ethos and its focus on a considered way of life. So just what is Hygge and what does it mean?

The concept of Hygge originates from Denmark and Norway. A derivative from the Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort,” the closest translation for hygge in English is to simply be cosy. As the winter nights grow longer, the Danes and Norwegians (coincidentally the happiest people in the world!) are the experts of ensuring dark winter nights are spent with a careful focus on wellbeing and feeling content in your home. Hygge is about creating your own inner sanctuary, from the warm drinks you enjoy from your hand-made ceramics to the soft, textural fabrics and shape of your sofa, these really up the comfort factor and allow you to unwind.

Yet hygge isn’t just for the aesthetics and surface appeal, the concept of hygge also offers a calm, rested approach to design. With typical Danish designs, a sustainable and ethical element is deeply rooted, from the materials to the intended use of the product. This not only offers an environmentally minded option for the user but also gives you the peace of mind and connection to wider nature. For instance, when you can no longer explore outside due to the winter weather, bring nature inside through design and let it support your cosy, indoor activities.

Here at Maker&Son, we believe all design should be crafted with this hygge mindset. We’re very proud of our craft, from sustainably sourced hardwood frames we use in all our sofas, beds and armchairs; to the fact, all of our pieces are lovingly and locally handmade. Their quality and durability are second to none, and we can guarantee they will last for thirty years or more - a crafted aspect we would like to say is very much in line with the Hygge approach!

As the festive season approaches, we highly suggest embracing this wholesome concept. Remember that all of the cosy aspects of winter, spending time with your family, cuddling with pets or lounging and investing in a good book are all hygge-approved activities. We keep this concept in mind with our designs and ensure that our sofas are made for those moments. That is why a Maker&Son sofa is truly the most comfortable (and arguably most hygge!) in the world...