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Song Armchair in English Mustard Corduroy sitting in the Cook's new family room

Old House, New Armchair

Many of you may be familiar with George Clarke's Channel 4 Series: Old House, New Home. Maker&Son were honoured that George Clarke's crew selected an Armchair from our Song range, covered in Corduroy, in a much-loved shade of English Mustard yellow.

The Maker&Son team are big fans of this programme, which helps homeowners to unlock the potential of their spaces by transforming historic properties that are unique and beautiful, yet dated and worthy of modernisation. The beauty of this episode is the restoration of an Edwardian terraced house with many stunning original features, and George's team set about to breathe Arts & Crafts style back into the home.

The Arts & Crafts Movement flourished in the UK between 1880 and 1920, in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and mass production. One of the most influential periods of design history, thanks to a determined, talented group of academics and designers who set about to recapture the spirit and quality of medieval craftsmanship. In much the same way the build of the house champions skilled artisans, the owners set out to restore sympathetically, with an eye to good design, artisanal craftsmanship and celebration of colour.

Maker&Son English Mustard yellow Corduroy Armchair featuring in Old House, New Home Maker&Son English Velvet Corduroy Armchair featuring in Old House, New Home View from Maker&Son English Mustard yellow Velvet Armchair featured in Old House, New Home

We believe our English Mustard yellow Corduroy Song Armchair has done just that, and we love the way it now sits as a key feature in the child-friendly area of the new kitchen dining room. With or without a dinosaur friend in hand, we know that the family is sinking into absolute comfort.

As the owner, Sophia Cook has told us: "In no time there will be another child and can imagine this will be the armchair everyone would want to sit in."

For those who would like to see a wider range of colours, here is a link to our Gallery, showcasing our favourite pieces, fabrics and colours.

Over 1.5 million viewers watched on Sunday evening, 12th of January 2020, as George Clarke and his talented crew transformed a remarkable Edwardian terrace near Croydon in South London. For those who wish to watch the programme on demand, it can be found here: it's Episode 2, from Series 6. Maker&Son was honoured to be included in such a project championing our shared values of quality craftsmanship.