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Sophie and Nadia on a Maker&Son Plaster Velvet Love Seat at Kemps House

Happy 3rd Birthday to Our Wonderful Maker&Son Team

The brands we truly love are made by truly lovely people and we feel we are amongst the most kind, caring and loveliest people you could ever meet and all of us here have the privilege of working together every single day!

It is exactly three years ago this weekend that Felix and I founded Maker&Son Limited. We set out with a simple goal to do what we loved to do, in the way we loved doing it and to work with people who we loved working with.

We feel so incredibly fortunate to continue to have the most fantastic people we could ever have dreamed of sharing all this with. There's such an amazing sense of togetherness in our teams across the world in Australia, New Zealand, New York, Los Angeles, England, Scotland, Ireland and India too.

Priya on a Plaster Velvet Love Seat in a Maker&Son Mobile Showroom Felix Conran and Apollo on a Plaster Velvet Love Seat in Felix's Studio at Kemps House Freddie on a Plaster Velvet Love Seat at Kemps House Our Maker&Son Delivery Team outside the Studio at Kemps House Marnie, Harriett and Pumpkin on a Maker&Son Plaster Velvet Love Seat in the Pop-Up Showroom at Kemps House Justine and Jack on a Maker&Son Plaster Velvet Love Seat in the Kitchen at Kemps House

We took some photos here in the UK this week to celebrate and share them here. Within these images you'll meet just a few of the nearly 80 people who work with us including Sophie and Nadia, Priya, our first ever employee, Marnie and her partner Harriett who also works here, as well as Pumpkin their new puppy, Will, my Godson Freddie, Jack and Justine, Felix and Apollo and myself and Felix. There's a video on our Instagram Highlights (Our Team) that captures the wonderful spirit of our Maker&Son family that we also hope you'll enjoy.

Thank you to all of us that follow us and message us and of course to all of you that are our amazing customers, we are so grateful for all your support.

With my very best wishes, Alex xx


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