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Industry Insider and the Business of Home explore the Business of Maker&Son

Industry Insider and the Business of Home explore the Business of Maker&Son

It’s always a treat when someone writes about you, but there is something particularly lovely when the furniture industry remarks on the unique way you’re doing business. So, we thank the Business of Home for their kind words, and invite you to read the article here.

We are particularly pleased that they chose to highlight the way that we work, and thought we’d share our favourite parts of the article here for you.

Absolute Focus on Natural Comfort, Responsibly

Maker&Son started by creating something that really was about one thing: making people feel really, really comfortable. Physically as well as mentally. We actually want the people owning our pieces to find their children fighting over them when they’ve gone.

The journey to get to this point has really been a culmination of learning’s along the way of Alex Willcock’s life and career. Rooted in craft and design at every stage, pivotal moments include the development of corporate social responsibility and importance of fundamentally sustainable supply chain partnerships, but also critically the meeting point of big data and human emotion as well as the nature of the test and learn and fail fast mindset that are intrinsic to technology business.

Delivering on a Promise

From building upon established relationships to the forming of new ones every day, Maker&Son believes in building business in a way that fundamentally serves its customers. More to the point, a business that serves the comfort of its customers. Advertising is consistently authentic and organic – listening, learning and adapting to comments, while manufacturing is always local, and sales happen in ways that suit our customers. Supported by digital channels – yes a website, but also messaging in a range of formats, as well as Showhomes and a growing network of customers own Showhomes. These places, coupled with a growing fleet of Mobile Showrooms enable us to bring the comfort of Maker&Son directly to the homes of customers.

This of course, is only the nutshell version (actual Business of Home article can be found here). We hope you’ll enjoy reading every last word, we are grateful when someone clever helps to tell our story.


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