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How to choose a colour scheme for a room like an interior designer

How to choose a colour scheme for a room like an interior designer

So, you have chosen your sofa and the design process of your room is well underway. Hurray, you’ve now reached the most colourful part - choosing the right tones and shades for your room! With a myriad of colourful options out there from warm earthy hues to cool deep blues and muted grey, this exceptionally fun part can feel somewhat overwhelming at times, simply due to the excess of choice. But don’t stress, we’re here to help find the perfect shades to match your sofa, to guide you through the process and offer our expert opinion. We want to ensure that you get the most from your Maker&Son furniture, making sure it works with your room and your life on all levels...

With the unlimited potential to make your home your own, there is nothing more wonderful than experimenting with the colour wheel and transforming your space. That’s why at Maker&Son we offer a complimentary planning service that can remove any unnecessary stress from the decorating process and focus on creative inspiration. We take pride in everyday design and believe a space that encompasses you, expresses your tastes and suits your needs is worth the extra consideration. From colour schemes to fabric choice, our team has plenty of experience creating interiors for all sorts of homes, from grand designs to smaller, cosier houses, we know what works.

Choosing your personal palette is often tricky. Firstly we recommend thinking of your favourite colours, these will instantly stand out, various tones will spark memories or have spoken to you throughout your life. Secondly, we encourage you to look for inspiration, from Pinterest to established magazines (we recommend Architectural Digest, RUM and ELLE Decor) there is nothing better than researching which tones work together - an all-time favourite combination of ours is dark teal, with light grey and lavender, a surprising yet effective pairing!

Each of our materials comes in up to sixteen colours, our Linen/Cotton is a wonderful diverse material available in darker hues such as Juniper dark blue, Poppyseed grey and Aubergine to lighter Snowdrop white, Sesame beige and Coconut white, allowing you to create whatever mood you desire. Try adding warmth to your living room with rich Honey Velvet or English Mustard yellow Corduroy, an ideal combination with a chunky grey carpet or rug, for a feeling that is both fresh and cosy autumn feel. Or you could opt for an Oyster hue of Corduroy or Cadet (which is a gorgeous pale blue Velvet) for a light, relaxing ambience, perfect to offset a stripped wooden floor - just a few ideas to think about! All of the covers on our sofas are easily changeable, so you can opt for a completely different colour to mix it up depending on the occasion, season or simply just to change the mood of the room.

We hope this has helped spark some ideas on your exciting project, and would love to advise you with this. Every member of our team has a genuine passion for design, a common thread that links us all at Maker&Son, and you can see some examples of our interior styling ideas on our Instagram page. If you haven’t already please do contact us and we’ll see how we can help!