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The ultimate family films for your home cinema room

The ultimate family films for your home cinema room

For us, there is nothing better than gathering family and friends around for an evening or long lazy Sunday afternoon in the comfort of our own home. What better way to keep everyone entertained than by watching an old classic or indulging in the latest cinema releases.

As we ease into the colder months, ensure your time inside is spent wisely with our selection of the greatest cinema that everyone can enjoy. Popcorn is optional, yet highly recommended…

For the wild bunch

Let us start with The Jungle Book, a Disney classic both the original and the 2016 remake. Get wrapped up in the tale of Mowgli, a boy raised in the jungle and all of the interesting characters he discovers, including those who guide him along the way. A lighthearted classic, with excellent animation credentials.

Next up we have a familiar favourite that we return to regularly, Pixar’s UP, (see what we did there!) This vivid storyline quite simply pops with colour and captures the imagination of all as Carl Fredricksen and Russell adventure to Paradise Falls.

Thirdly, revisit the Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze’s children’s masterpiece Where the Wild Things Are for a real visual feast, join Max as he runs away to discover the magical kingdom of his imagination, one where every child and adult can relate. Next up, please don’t forget Jurassic Park, it’s worth noting that our sofas are big enough to hide behind too...

For a nostalgia trip

Time to reminisce, introduce the younger generations to classics such as the eighties favourite The Goonies, the wonderfully weird Labyrinth and for the teenagers in the family, Ferris Bueller’s Day off. We highly recommend Labyrinth, not just for David Bowie - a musical family favourite, but for it’s adventurous, enchanting appeal.

Equally venturesome, The Goonies serves as a sentimental film, taking us back to its release date in 1985, the crew discovers a pirate map and head on an underground quest.

Followed with the day off school we all dreamed of via Ferris Bueller - just make sure the teens don’t take notes and if you are lucky enough to own a Ferrari, make sure the keys are hidden.

For Sci-fi fans

We simply can’t discuss movies for the family without mentioning everybody’s favourite, Star Wars. This timeless series has gained a dedicated fan base for a reason. For action-filled viewing, follow the intergalactic adventures of Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader and more. We recommend watching in release order or begin with Empire Strikes Back, our all-time favourite if we must name one!

Secondly, a nod to the extraterrestrial world with E.T. A tale of the camaraderie between a young boy and an adorable alien, an uplifting and humorous tale, worth a visit, not just for the memorable bike scene.

Looking for something a little spookier?

As the nights start to draw in build up the excitement to Halloween with The Witches, a terrifying (but still family-friendly) tale of what happens when you accidentally stumble upon a witch convention, starring a perfectly cast Anjelica Huston. We promise it will provide the right amount of spooks!

Now that the viewing selection is sorted, ensure your cinema room is complete, explore our wonderful sofas, perfect for your ultimate home cinema experience.

Our super comfortable sofas provide the ideal seating for your at-home cinema room, allowing you to sit back, sink in and enjoy your movie experience. Say goodbye to traditional uncomfortable cinema seating and enjoy our exceptionally cosy sofas, large enough for the whole family, all in the familiar surroundings of your own home.


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