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How thoughtful design brings people together

How thoughtful design brings people together

Thoughtful design promotes a healthy way of living, a creative ethos we repeatedly revisit here at Maker&Son.

When choosing the right furniture for your home there are a variety of factors to consider, from the fabric, size and overall price of the piece. Yet there is one aspect that is often overlooked and that is your personal health and wellbeing. Indeed, your sofa, chair or bed has an impact on your mood, it should serve as a space to kick back and relax, not as an uncomfortable piece. A good sofa should subconsciously help you unwind as you ease yourself into a family movie night or curl up with a good book - and here at Maker&Son we have ensured all of our pieces do just that!

The benefits of well-designed furniture go beyond the aesthetic, comfortable furniture can affect how we feel, behave and our sense of well being. With the busy day-to-day lives we currently lead, commuting long distances and crouching over a computer screen, coming home to a relaxing space is increasingly important. Spending time with our loved ones delivers a sense of togetherness and with our stress levels on the rise, we set out to consciously design a sofa that balances both the functional aspects with the natural comfort you deserve.

We make the most comfortable furniture in the world here at Maker&Son, however, the key factor we consider is to ensure that your new sofa suits the needs of your family, those who will be sitting on it the most. We design all of our pieces with you in mind - our sofas serve as a place to connect with friends, family and yourself. The feedback we have received from our customers tells us that investing in one of our sofas helps to create a soothing, calm space inside your home.

We use the highest quality materials throughout, including our sustainably, locally sourced FSC certified wood to make our frames. Specifically made from English Beech, our frames are far more hard-wearing than the softwoods and plywoods that are often used, designed to last a lifetime, no matter what life throws at it. All of our bases give you the soft support of strategically placed springs - hand-laid to taper downwards in height towards the back of the chair or sofa. Designed for you to sit in, not on them and ensure you can rest and relax in the comfort of your own abode. We can also tweak our designs to you, please contact us directly if you have any specific individual needs, from the fabric we work with to the height and width of the sofa - this can all be shifted to suit you through our bespoke service. For instance, we can replace the legs with castors or increase the height of your sofa for ease of movement, it’s no problem at all.

All of our cushions are filled with a mixture of feathers and down, and between these sits a natural latex core which means the cushions keep their shape and support whilst providing the maximum comfort. With a thirty-year guarantee, a Maker&Son sofa offers you the peace of mind that we will ensure it will remain in the optimal condition, supporting you, your friends and your family through the next 30 years and beyond.