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Focus on: 100% Linen

Focus on: 100% Linen

October 30, 2019

We take pride in selecting and developing all of the fabrics we work with here at Maker&Son. Infact, the fabric selection is an integral and joyous part of our design process, from researching, locating and maintaining relationships with the mills (and the families that run them), to selecting the colours and tones to compliment the composition. 

An exceptionally soft, durable addition to our fabric selection, we first launched our 100% linen range in September 2019, and we are sure it is an instant classic. Woven exclusively for us in Florence, Italy, we are very proud to present this timeless fabric as an option with all of our designs. Not only is it a beautiful fabric to work with, 100% linen is also highly practical. With your needs, purpose and different interior styles in mind, let us explain why we think our 100% linen is a truly special option...

1. It’s washable

All of our sofas and loveseats are designed with removable covers for ease, especially useful if you have younger members of the family or playful pets. One of the greatest aspects of our 100% linen fabric is pre-shrunk, making it fully washable at home. We truly believe that a sofa is designed for living, so in case of any staining or accidents, simply remove and wash. Adaptable covers also allow you to swap your linen options as often as you would like. Change up your style to match the mood of the seasons, whether you’re welcoming springtime in the southern hemisphere and autumn here in the UK, our 100% linen comes in an array of selected colourways from a rich, dark teal to light aquamarine and a completely neutral biscuit hue. 

2. Weight and texture

recommended fabric for furniture, linen is completely natural, crafted from the stems of the flax plant. In fact, linen is one of the strongest natural fibres today, a highly adaptable fabric yet wonderfully comfortable and resilient. Offering a beautiful drape and soft touch, this linen option weighs almost one kilogram per square metre of fabric, showcasing linen in it’s finest form. By opting for our 100% option, you are choosing linen in its purest form, with no additional mixes such as elastic, we can guarantee a strong, firm fabric, as the linen flax is one of the strongest natural fibres. We’ve treated this range to reduce creasing; a common aspect of linen fabrics, offering you a premium quality that will last, with the right care and attention, a lifetime. 

Here's a visual introduction from Alex, but you can also contact us with any linen-based questions you may have.

We can also organise free fabric samples to be sent out to you in the post should you request one here

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We are regretfully putting a temporary hold on production and deliveries of our furniture in the UK.

We are delighted to say we are still receiving orders, but would like to let you know that our lead time is likely to be between 8-12 weeks.

We are a family business, and we remain committed to building and delivering beautiful pieces to last a lifetime.

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