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Maker&Son Founders Alex Willcock and Felix Conran feature in Elle Decoration Brit List New Brands

Elle Decoration: The Brit List Features Maker&Son

Elle Decoration's October 2018 edition spot-lighted Maker&Son as a new brand in Britain, for those who had not yet heard of our family-run furniture brand. Heralding our commitment to achieving the highest levels of comfort and belief in using only natural materials, the article provides an overview of our first range of furniture, the Song range.

The article features Maker&Son's commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship, together with the latest in digital technology. When founders Alex Willcock and Felix Conran share their beliefs about natural materials, they emphasise that there is no other way to consider the future than to make products that will last at least one lifetime.

When it comes to comfort, Maker&Son help to explain 'extreme comfort' and how the furniture we create is designed to achieve a level of relaxation that is so complete, you feel as though your mind clears within seconds of sitting down. "Imagine sitting in a bed made of pillows, you sit 'in' our furniture, you don't sit 'on' it", confirms Felix.