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Choosing the best fabric for your sofa

Choosing the best fabric for your sofa

Everybody has their own interpretation of a room, this can be lead by the design or structure of the furniture it holds, the interior colour scheme or quite simply the layout. However, the texture and feel of the fabrics in the room affect us all the same. In this case, we’re talking about the sofa, a central piece to any open living room. It is the main covering fabric that adds to the enjoyment and sensation of relaxing after a long day, from soft luxurious velvets to smooth, ribbed corduroy, each fabric conveys a mood.

At Maker&Son we pride ourselves on considering every single detail, and choosing the fabric to work with is a major part of our process. Once you’ve decided on your sofa, the next step is to question what fabric and colours are right for your room and you. Of course, we’re on hand to personally offer design advice throughout every step of your order, but to help get the creativity flowing and those initial thoughts sparking, let us explain why we’ve chosen our three leading fabrics and how their particular qualities could be right for you.

Firstly an interior design tip from Felix to keep in mind: “Choosing colours and getting the right fabric for your home can be really tricky, think about the colour scheme of the room the pieces are going into. The most important things to consider are the light and the floor finishes.”

For durability:

Nothing says relaxed bohemia like a cord sofa. Corduroy provides a warm, velvet-like texture but with a robust, practical appeal. With its hardy stripe (we offer subtle variations alongside a thick jumbo cord) providing a wonderful design detail, extra depth, and charm to your sofa. A bonus point is that all of our corduroy is machine washable! Our covers are designed for easy removal - a functional and convenient option for those with busy day-to-day lives.

For lightness:

For a relaxed feel and effect opt for our heavyweight 100% linen. Woven exclusively for us in Italy, we are very proud of this classic fabric composition. Cool to the touch, yet highly comfortable and resilient. Like our cord sofa options, our linen covers are completely machine washable - an easy and effective option to keep your sofa at it’s best. We offer a variety of colourways in this natural fabric, including an exclusive dark green teal created as a response to your feedback - it’s an Instagram winner!

For luxury:

Soft and rich, velvet covers are the epitome of opulence. Offering a more structured look and feel, this is the fabric for plush depth and sumptuous softness. We tend to favour darker hues with this fabric perfect for the winter months, think deep plum, teal, and slate grey. As a dry clean only fabric, we would avoid this option if you have younger children and pets, for the obvious reasons!

Please feel free to try and test our fabrics with a complimentary sample - just contact us here and we will ensure a swatch is sent out to you the next day.