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A British business changing the face of luxury furniture retailing

A British business changing the face of luxury furniture retailing

Maker&Son is a family run business with a dedicated team of wonderful people completely committed to creating the most comfortable furniture. We started Maker&Son with a simple dream — to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives and that will last a lifetime.

Luxury Sofa

The concept of modern ‘luxury furniture’ is somewhat misleading. Deconstruct a ‘luxury’ sofa and you may find it is constructed of plywood and stuffed with carcinogenic polyether that never degrades. We have proved that it’s possible to use sustainable, natural materials to create beautiful, comfortable furniture that is built to last.

We created Maker&Son because we wanted to do something completely different. Why? The problem with the way we consume today can be summed up like this:

We live in a world of over-production and consumption. Product ranges are vast, offering endless choice. Landfill sites overflow with products engineered to be replaced. Our seas are full of plastic. It is time to do things differently.

We developed a business model that was completely different from that of our competitors. Our showroom comes to our customers through the digital experience of our brand, or if they want to experience our products in person, in our mobile showroom.

Mobile Showroom

We knew that by removing the barriers between ourselves and our customer, namely showrooms, we could invest more in our products. For instance, we only use responsibly sourced beechwood to make the frames for our sofas (which we guarantee for 30 years). Instead of using polymers (or any plastics) we only use natural components, such as 100% biodegradable fabrics like French jute and wool. And, by making our covers easily washable our customers can ‘change’ their sofa with their decor or with even with the seasons.

By focusing on our digital touchpoints we have proved that luxury furniture can be sold in a completely different way, eliminating the need for expensive showrooms or third party distributors. Because we don’t have a physical showroom we are heavily invested in the use of video, music and imagery to bring our products to life. Our Instagram advertisements, for instance, have been so successful that Facebook now uses Maker&Son as a case study for other luxury advertisers. Through this approach, we have seen that 50% of our sales are made without a customer even sitting on one of our pieces.

In June 2018, Maker&Son launched in Australia and broke even after five months and our US operation will launch in September 2019.


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