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Bespoke Benefits

Bespoke Benefits

To buy bespoke or not to? That is the ongoing question within the design world.

For us the answer has always been to opt for the customised option, that is if both your budget and lifestyle requirements are aligned. The many advantages of our bespoke services reinforce its appeal, from the freedom to adapt our styles to create your most-wanted piece - straight from the Pinterest board, to your choice from our selection of the highest quality materials, in an array of colourful hues.

We can adjust our sizing and plan your room with you, allowing your furniture to have maximum impact and cover all of your needs. No longer viewed as a luxury, a tailored piece is quite often the smarter way to buy in the current climate - view your bespoke piece of furniture as an investment for decades to come. If you’re currently undecided between choosing a mass-produced design versus a customised piece of furniture, let us explain the reasons why bespoke is the only way to go!

Work with your space

One of the obvious benefits of buying bespoke furniture is that you can create an environment made specifically to your exact requirements. Here at Maker&Son, all of our pieces are crafted in collaboration with you, our customer. We design and fit your furniture to the unique measurements of your room - even the awkward spots! Every detail is considered including the fine fabrics we work with. You can have as much or as little say in the process as you would like, and let our expert family team guide you through our method.
If you know the exact sizes and style you have in mind, we can offer you a free quote on the same day you get in contact. Please note - we also offer a free floor planning service for all of our clients, so if you are unsure of the ideal measurements to get the best out of your room and furniture, feel free to get in touch with us here and our design-conscious team will highlight your options.

Personalise your pieces

During our process every detail is considered and made exactly to your specifications, ensuring that you are delighted when your idea comes to life and giving you every opportunity to create a piece of furniture that is personal to you. Aside from the measurements highlighted above, put your own stamp on your design via the fabric choice. We have three main fabrics to choose from in an array of colours, or we can work with your own; we’re here to help you find the fabric that suits all of your needs. Be it lightweight linen, which is machine washable and thus child and pet-friendly, or soft non-allergenic options. Our most-loved corduroy corner sofas are a popular bespoke choice, as we can switch up the design with a jumbo cord texture. We can even work with your own fabric - just as long as it’s suitable for upholstery.

An investment for a lifetime

Rather than quick swappable mass-produced pieces, bespoke options are designed to last longer, and over time many are passed throughout the family, sometimes even becoming an heirloom… With changeable covers, all of our furniture is designed not just for supreme comfort but also for easy maintenance, allowing for a prolonged lifespan, with minimum upkeep.
All of our bespoke costs are calculated according to size – special orders do come at a small premium but we can assure you it’s probably not as much as you think. Please note, lead times on our bespoke pieces are 8-10 weeks.