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A piece to last a lifetime

A piece to last a lifetime

December 17, 2019

At Maker&Son we are firm believers that investing in your home correlates with investing in yourself. If you are truly happy with the space you have created, you can relax, unwind and simply enjoy that indescribable feeling of being comfortable and at home  — it’s one of life’s many pleasures after all. Home is where your life happens, so why not surround yourself with quality pieces you truly love rather than a quick, disposable fix? We designed our furniture with this in mind, to offer not only comfort but also unparalleled quality. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and designed to last, a true investment that you can enjoy in your day to day life, long into the foreseeable future.

We understand that when you are buying and selecting furniture for your home and space, there is a myriad of options out there. We are often baffled with the quick turnover and mass production that has become ever so popular in the last few decades. A ‘throwaway culture’ permeates all aspects of our lives, even the production of the furniture we use in our homes.  Unfortunately, this cultivates an unsustainable cycle that has a huge environmental impact. This is what Maker&Son has set out to change, and one of the big reasons we exist as a company at all.

Whilst we are aware that luxury furniture is just that - a luxury, it is a fact that mass-produced pieces of furniture may not last as long as their unique and crafted counterparts. This is due to the inexpensive materials used to create the carbon copy pieces that often overlook the details that make a piece of furniture truly unique and beautiful. For us the true value is not only in better sourced, natural materials and hand-finished details, it’s also about the process, and your say with the creation of your final sofa, footstool or bed.

For us, the thrill of personally investing in a piece of furniture that you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime offers benefits to your home, your conscience and the planet. True quality shows over time, and the old adage of ‘buy cheap, spend twice’ has never been truer than when it comes to a piece of furniture.

We are proud to say that all of our wooden frames come with a 30-year guarantee and this is very important for us. Whilst we know the cheaper option may seem appealing at first, the true value of a piece of furniture shows over time and with use. Our pieces have been designed with resilience at their core, from the materials we have extensively sourced through ethical and trusted partners, to the sustainable wood we use in all of our frames.  By following this process we know that our pieces are robust enough to handle whatever it is that life, your friends, family and pets may throw at them. Here at Kemps House, we have witnessed it all and we can assure you that our furniture has been thoroughly tested by us before we made it available to you.

Here at Maker&Son, we promise if you have any issues or queries after your furniture is delivered, we will be around to help and ensure all is solved so that you can enjoy the comfiest furniture in the world. Furniture built to last a lifetime, from our family to yours.  


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We are regretfully putting a temporary hold on production and deliveries of our furniture in the UK.

We are delighted to say we are still receiving orders, but would like to let you know that our lead time is likely to be between 8-12 weeks.

We are a family business, and we remain committed to building and delivering beautiful pieces to last a lifetime.

Alex Willcock & Felix Conran