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A key accent for your home

A key accent for your home

From the living room to the stairway, there’s a huge amount to keep in mind when decorating your home. With the importance of selecting your interior colour scheme and fabrics and planning the layout of the space, often the fun, room changing tricks and features are overlooked. So, we’re here to remind you of the importance of the accent chair a modest piece that can simply change the dynamic of a room in an instant.

Not only does a bold and contrasting chair add new depth and dimension to a space, it also serves as an art piece of sorts. A singular chair may be selected for its design, the craft behind the piece or simply to add a fresh new vantage point from which to view your space. Either way, let’s consider this simple yet room changing design feature...

An accent chair allows you to make a personal statement in any room, to reflect your individuality, whilst showcasing a playful addition and diverse element to your design theme. Usually sitting as a singular piece (or potentially two of the same design may be chosen for a symmetrical effect), the accent chair provides an unexpected twist to the standard furniture set up, whilst providing a simple refresh. From our extraordinarily comfortable armchairs to our larger love seats (which provide extra space to snuggle) and our considered and functional footstools, Maker&Son can help you find your signature chair for any room.

Many designers opt for a completely new fabric or contrasting colour to add an accent to an interior layout, here at Maker&Son our classic Corduroy offers a fresh new feel when paired with our stunning 100% Linen. As with all of our fabrics we offer a selection of hand-picked colours, our Corduroy comes in vivid hues such as Burnt Orange and Peacock blue. Our plush Velvet, also a strong option, offers a depth of texture and are available in an array of elegant tones, from eye-catching Teal to warm Honey - simply a vibrant, striking addition to any room!

As with our sofas, all of our signature chairs and footstools are made with washable, interchangeable covers. This allows you to refresh the look of your room in an instant and change the composition. We like to switch them in rhythm with the seasons, opting for light neutral Linen in summer and darker pine green hues in winter. If you would like any assistance with this, feel free to get in touch with us, to discuss in more detail; we’re here to help and can send you complimentary fabric swatches to guide your decision making.

A useful tip to keep in mind: we would recommend your statement chair be placed away from your sofa if it is in your living room. The accent chair is a considered piece, and sitting directly next to your main sofa it can often potentially look like an accidental extension! Perhaps use your chair to create a cosy nook, a secluded space to read or simply to frame a key room feature.