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Marni lies wrapped up in a cream cashmere woven throw by Maker&Son

10 tips on how to style a throw

Wonderfully comforting and warm, woven throws make the perfect home accessory and beautiful keepsake, but how to display one is another matter. Discover our 10 expert tips on styling a cashmere throw to suit your home's mood and look.


1. How to style a throw with a sofa?

As the hub of the home, a sofa always benefits from being stylishly dressed. When it comes to styling a sofa with a cashmere throw, it's all about attitude and what mood you want to create. 

"Furniture edges can be softened by placing one over an arm of a chair," advises Ushi Parekh-Ward, Visual Merchandiser for Maker&Son. "Soft home accessories are wonderful elements that together or alone will enhance your sofa and the overall ambiance of your living room."

To create a relaxed, inviting, and warm look, a casual drape suits most homes and interior design styles adds Elena Mellowes, Maker&Son's Head of Product Development, who brings her specialist design eye to all our projects. 

"When it comes to styling a cashmere throw, it is important not to overthink its placement, at the end of the day an item to be used and enjoyed, and as a result needs to be accessible." 

2. Best method to fold a chunky knit throw?

If you want to accent your bedroom or living room with welcoming textures, a simple blanket makes a wonderful addition. However, a randomly displayed one won't make the impact you want.

One technique to keep things tidy is, as Elena suggests, "to pinch the throw at its centre, then pull it over one of the back corners of the sofa." 

"For a slightly neater finish, loosely fold the throw in half lengthwise and drop it over a corner, arm or drape it over the back of the sofa. Whichever technique you use, avoid perfect lines and folds to ensure the styling remains homely and relaxed."

"Sometimes, I think they can look a bit messy and discarded," adds Ushi, "However, when it's placed in a considered position, i.e., next to a book, this can be a reminder or invitation to rest and snuggle." 

Also, she advises they can be neatly folded, rolled, or draped next to scatter cushions or pillows in a complementary colour palette.

 3) Where to store a woven throw in a living room?

When it comes to storing your favourite quilt, blankets, or throws, Elena recommends using a woven basket that sits beside your sofa. "This will help to keep your coveted throws neat while offering a chic interior solution." 

If storage space is an issue, she advises, "they can be folded over a sofa arm or back cushion - just ensure they're folded short enough off the floor to be kept away from pets who could accidentally cause pulls within the delicate knit."

4. How to keep your cashmere clean in a busy household?

With gentle care, you can protect the lifespan of your cashmere throw even in the family home. However, due to their delicate cashmere fibres, Elena recommends acting quickly if you accidentally spill something.

"Swiftly blot the spillage with a dry, clean cloth. Avoid rubbing or using anything abrasive as this can pull the fibres and cause more damage, and do not use any bleaching agents as this will cause permanent damage."


5. Best room in the house to display your blanket? 

With a unique background in both theatre and healing, Ushi believes your interiors and their accessories should support your emotional comfort. "The place in the home where one relaxes and unwinds is where I would position the throw using a neutral tone to connect to the earth and enjoy the cosy warmth being offered by them," she says.

6. Which home accessories harmonise best in a bedroom?

While the interior design of each home varies, without a doubt, Elena believes gentle tones, such as a series of neutrals, are best for "layer effortlessly with clean white bed linen, adding texture and warmth to your space."

"As areas with less footfall within the home, these lighter colours are also more likely to remain fresh and clean while adding a luxurious layer of natural warmth to your bedroom space."


 7. Which colour throw looks best in a family room? 

As downstairs interiors tend to be spaces that are updated or evolve throughout the year, throws are a beautiful means of adding a sophisticated touch of colour to your home. 

Elena favours rich shades such as Topaz, Graphite, or Obsidian. "These add a depth and richness to darker interiors while being more forgiving, which is essential within busy homes."

"Our Sunstone or Morion pairs with a wide array of interiors for more neutral or grey spaces and will add classic texture to an otherwise minimalistic space."

8. How to style a woven blanket in a coastal home? 

The low-key attitude of a seaside escape is the perfect setting for softer textures. Whether it's a little beach cottage or waterfront mansion, understated interiors that reflect the beachside surroundings feel most comforting.

"Within a coastal space, it's crucial to add texture and depth to what can be otherwise natural or white palettes," reflects Elena. "Any of our neutral colours will work perfectly to introduce this warmth and depth to living spaces and bedrooms."

 9. The best way to display a throw in a country home? 

"Layered and textured spaces are a way to create a more emotionally grounded room," says Elena. "Country houses, whether grand or humble, naturally lend themselves to comfort and hence wouldn't be complete without something cosy."

In a sense, a well-layered home complete with rugs, cushions, and blankets inspires us to nurture our space and selves.

"Ideally, I would place the throw in the position where one would sit to enjoy the view," advises Ushi about emphasising warmer tones. "Within a country house, comforting textures embody what it is to be cosy and familiar within a more traditional space," she adds.

10. How best to soften a contemporary city space?

After nearly a year in and out of lockdowns, city-based homeowners have found comfort in well-being inspired interiors. Indoor plants, textural surfaces and an earth hued palette are the solution to softening minimalist urban schemes. 

"Within a contemporary space, clean lines and minimalism can sometimes feel cold, and starkly observes Elena. "Our range in Morion or Graphite work to add warmth to these more modern spaces, or a splash of colour with our Howlite or Agate provides a statement against these cooler backdrops."


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